Hyder Cosmic Bunk Bed

Hyder Cosmic Studio Bunk Bed

The Hyder Cosmic Studio Bunk Bed from 470 is the latest design from Hyder International. Finished with modern black glass panels the Hyder Cosmic studio bunk is like no other available on the market.

The black glass panels on the Hyder cosmic are EN747 tested for safety and with the "swimming pool" style ladder and flat facing steps - the Hyder Cosmic studio follows Hyders strict safety standards.

The Hyder Cosmic Studio Bunk Bed has a sprung slatted base system for extra comfort and support while the sturdy steel frame ensures longevity.

Our price of 470 includes the folding futon and a black futon mattress - other colours are available:

Bed Dimensions (cm):
Length = 2010
Width = 1860 mm(approx with ladder)
Height = 1470

Top Bunk Mattress
Price: 470.00

from 470.00

Delivered within 15 working days