Hyder G2 Three Sleeper

Hyder Galaxy Triple Bunk Bed - G2 Metal 3 Three Sleeper

The Hyder Galaxy G2 - 3 Sleeper Bunk Bed from 295 is an asymmetric shape which sets it apart from other bunk beds.

The top bunk of the Hyder G2 3 sleeper is a standard 3ft single and the bottom bunk is a 4ft small double so is only 12" wider than a normal bunk bed.

The swimming pool style ladder and flat facing wooden steps make the Hyder G2 a extremely safe bunk to get in and out of, when compared to cheaper alternatives.

Mattresses are available for the Hyder G2 3 sleeper in the options below.

Bed Dimensions (cm):
Depth - 2010
Width = 1630
Height = 1475

Mattress Options
Price: 295.00

from 295.00

Delivered within 15 working days